At In2fruit, we are committed to the highest standards of food safety for our fruits. Samples of grapes and citrus are tested for Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) before packing to ensure compliance with global requirements. Through innovative biological farming, our competitive advantage is our aim for zero residue.

Our IFS certification guarantees: 

🔍 Traceability: Transparency from farm to fork. 

📋 Harmonized Processes: Consistent safety procedures. 

🛡️ Food Fraud Prevention: Robust fraud detection. 

🌾 Food Crop Safety: Ensuring agricultural safety. 

💼 Food Defense: Protection from intentional harm.

Moreover, our Global GAP certification ensures we meet global standards for safe and sustainable agricultural practices.

Key aspects include:

🌍 Sustainability: Promoting eco-friendly farming techniques.

🔍 Transparency: Full visibility and accountability in our processes.

🛡️ Compliance: Adhering to international standards, ensuring consumer confidence.

Our journey to food safety involves every member of our team, from the farmers in the fields to the quality control experts in our facilities. Today, we celebrate their hard work and dedication to providing safe and healthy food for all. 

Together, we can achieve a healthier and safer food system. 🌟