The medjool dates are plump and cylindrical in shape. The skin is glossy and tender with a maple-brown hue. It offers a chewy texture and candy-like sweetness with hints of caramel, honey and cinnamon flavours.


The zamli date has a toffee-like texture with a caramel flavour. They are a small, soft variety and oval-shaped.

Zamli dates are sold at all three stages:


Barhi dates are normally yellow or red in colour (fresh) and amber- to dark-brown when ripe. The dates are crunchy, soft and sweet in nature and very delicious to eat. It has a round or oval shape.

Barhi dates are sold at all three stages:


Khalas dates are oblong in shape. It has a nice sweet taste to it and a toffee-like flavour. It has a reddish, dark brown colour. The dates are moist and sticky, very fleshy and they melt warmly in your mouth.

Khalas dates are sold at all three stages: