EUREKAEureka lemons are a medium to large in size and have an oblong to elliptical shape. The lemon’s peel is moderately thick and the surface has a slightly rough, textured feel. The peel also ranges in color from pale to bright yellow, sometimes showcasing variegated hues of yellow and green. The flesh is soft, aqueous, and tender, mostly seedless. 

GENOA – Is a larger size fruit. The mature plant may vary due to growing conditions and climate. They have an oblong shape with a protruding end at the bottom. The flesh is juicy and acidic and is covered by a thin rind.


MARSH – the Marsh grapefruit has  yellow skin and flesh, there might occult to be a slight pinkish tinge to the flesh. The skin is very smooth and quite thick, which makes it easy to peel. The fruit is very juicy and has a very sweet taste for a grapefruit. 

STAR RUBY – the Star Ruby has a yellow-orange skin with a blush of rose. Its flesh is a bright ruby in colour , laden with juice and its flavour is perfectly sweet-tart.

ROSE -The Rose is a pink-fleshed grapefruit with some blush to the peel. It has a thin skin and excellent flavour with masses of juice and sweetness.


BAHIANINA – The Bahianina navel has a rich, juicy flavour. The fruit is large and has a deep orange colour. It peels easily and the tender flesh provides a rich and pleasant flavour.

CARA CARA The Cara Cara is known for its rosy, reddish- pink flesh, rather than the more classic orange. It has a rich, juicy flavour and tender flesh.  The fruit is seedless and peels easily.

PALMER The Palmer has a rich and pleasant flavour and peels easily. The fruit is large and has a deep orange colour. The Palmer is seedless.


CAMBRIA The Cambria is a delicious sweet, rich and juicy fruit with firm and tender flesh. The fruit is a medium to large size and has a small navel which is often concealed. It is a top quality orange with a smooth deep orange coloured peel.

WITKRANS The Witkrans fruit is a round to oval shape and a medium to large size. It has a smooth peel and a closed navel end. The fruit is juicy with good quality, firm fruit and soft fibre.

RUSTENBURG The Rustenburg navelate is high in sugar, seedless and has a rich, juicy flavour. The fruit is medium to large in size. It is a very firm fruit with tender flesh.


TURKEY – The Turkey fruit has a soft succulent texture with a light orange flesh. It has a high sugar content which produces its delicious taste.

BENNIE – The Bennie is a medium to medium-large size with smooth to slightly coarse rinds. The shape is round, and the fruit colour is a deep orange. The flesh texture is softer than most other Valencia selections.

MIDKNIGHT- The Midknight is a larger fruit with a good round shape. The peel is smooth which gives it an attractive appearance. The fruit is known for its sweetness, flavour, and juice content.

DELTA – The Delta Valencia has a high sugar content and delicious taste. It has a moderately thin and very smooth rind. The fruit has a soft texture with light orange flesh.


NADORCOTTThe Nadorcott is a very easy peeling fruit and has a beautiful fiery colour. The smooth and slightly flattened rind is reddish-orange and its flesh is a deep orange. The fruit has the perfect balance of sugar content which makes it nicely sweet and juicy.

TAMBORS – The Tambors fruit is medium sized with an easy-peeling skin and has a rich, distinctive flavour, with orange-coloured flesh and high juice content.