With the Citrus Season in full swing, here’s a summary of current affairs: 

– Star Ruby Grapefruit: Once a major hit in China due to its health benefits, it’s now seeing increased juicing demand in South Korea. 

– Lemons: High competition in the Far East from Spain’s Verna variety and Egypt’s harvest. The demand remains steady in Europe. 

– Valencia Oranges: Spain and Egypt dominate, but SA’s late Navels like Witkrans and Cambria’s are sought after. End consumers love their taste and quality. 

– Navels and Lemons: Lower volumes due to black spot, but Argentina’s rain challenges create higher demand for South African produce. 

– American Market: Favourable conditions for Western Cape’s Black Spot-free citrus. The limited volume available to export ensures higher prices. 

The focus will be on managing volumes to prevent market saturation and ensuring quality to meet global standards.

Let’s gear up for a successful season!